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venerdì 5 aprile 2013

Quando non c'e' chi controlla...

Oggi leggevo un post dal blog Un'Americana a Roma e un passaggio mi ha molto divertito:

Every single time I hosted an Italian friend back in the States, WITHOUT FAIL, the first thing they'd say when they saw the newspaper distribution boxes on sidewalks, was, "how is it possible that no one takes all the papers?" The first time someone asked me, I was baffled. "Why would anyone want to do that? I only need one." The inevitable response, which I eventually got used to over the years, was, "But, just because you could! No one's monitoring it!" Apparently the honor system isn't big around Italy. So I'd then respond, "Ok, fine. But then what would you DO with all those extra newspapers?" Reply, "Oh, I don't know, really. Sell them? Who knows. It's just... this idea that you could take them all if you wanted." I find that a fascinating cultural commentary. I have no use for 10 newspapers. My mind didn't even go there. And yet, every Roman who ever came to the States always marveled at this idea. Love it.

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